7th April 2017

We decided to start spring a litle earlier.

OMG!!! The TNI (Tgurlz Nite In) parties are 7 years old this month (APRIL)!

When I think back to the humble beginings in a Richmond apartment after watching the movie “Short Bus” where I first got the concept of a Tgurl party, there is no way I expected it to still be going strong today. I thank everyone who has been apart of it over the years and hope they enjoyed the parties as much as I have enjoyed holding them.

So come and celebrate with us.We will have a small intimate get together. We will raise a glass (or 5) to commemorate our wonderful journey. And what a journey it was! I hope to see as many of you as possible.


For the 7th year we are running a regular monthly Themed House party attended by some of the most beautiful T-Gurlz in London. Attendance is exclusively by invitation where I encourage at least 5 new faces per party to add a bit of Spice and variety to the evening, but so as not to create a crowd I keep the number of those attending to around 20 (a mix of Girls and Guys). It’s well known that you come to my parties with an open mind where Taboo’s are to be broken, the drinks to flow and the conversation to roll. I have one condition though boys, and that’s to respect each other and no dramas, no attitudes just a great sex drive. You see at my parties everyone is welcome. For you first timers it’s a chance for you to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

As with all great parties, they seem to center around the kitchen. And ours is no exception as there is a cosy lounge area where unlimited alcoholic drinks and themed/seasonal nibbles are available. (Nibbling each other is always allowed with mutual consent). Here you can sit drink ,eat, chat and flirt with each other before moving off to one of the other rooms to get to know each other a little better (wink!)

There is a large communal play room, where everyone is encouraged to play or let your inner voyeur out, or we offer a private bedroom available for the more intimate or shy among you.

There is no dress code, but for those of you who want to dress up we can offer that service (Professional make-up artist from Dior and personal stylist from Selfridges & Matches)

Don’t forget ! To respect each other and oh the kinkier the better.

Hope to see you all there.

Drinks and nibbles are included in the ticket price, but ask before nibbling the guests. If you order a ticket online you can get a discounted rate (48hours before the party).

Book a ticket now

If you pay for your ticket 2 days before the day of the party the cost will be £60.00 if not the charge for the party will be £80.00. People who ring on the day of the party will be charged £80.00 if there is a place available.

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