For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: How does it work it’s my first time.

A: It’s a party with a group of people who all want to be there and its very easy going. There is no pressure, or obligation for anyone to do anything. Come and have a good time.

Q: I am coming alone and I don’t know anyone.

A: There will be other people in exactly the same position as you. It is very laid back and you will soon find that you can talk to people over a drink. Also I will be there and as host it is my job to make sure that you at least get to talk to some of the other guests.

Q: How much does it cost? Are there any additional charges?

A: Up do date charges are on the pricing page but as it is a charge just to come along to the party there is nothing else to pay us. If you pay for your ticket 48 hours before the day of the party the cost will be £60.00 if not the charge for the party will be £80. People who ring on the day of the party will be charged £80.00 if there is a place available.

Q: Is it discreet?

A: It is always designed to be so. We hope that everyone is well behaved and we insist that all those attending respect the wishes of all the other people there.

Q: Who are the girls? Are there any pictures?

A: Everyone is a guest at the party and are there as individuals so we don’t publish names or pictures at all. It is a private party and therefore its up to the individuals if they want to share pictures. The guest list of any party is never revealed or sent to anyone.

Q: Is sex guaranteed?

A: No! You are coming to a party not a brothel. Any monies paid is for entrance to the party and one asking these questions will not be welcome at the party.

Q: Do I have to bring my own alcohol?

A: There will be some drinks at the party but if you want to bring something you are welcome to. I would suggest if you have specific tastes or something that is your only drink then feel free to bring it along.

Q: Do GG attend?

A: Sometimes, maybe as part of a couple but not often.

Q: I don’t really like to pay online

A: I am sorry about that but you will appreciate that in the modern world its not uncommon. The amount that we are asking is so small that I don’t think its a risk to you. We only use a well established and professional card payment company. We have been running for six years with no complaints about the payment system.

Tickets may be available on the door if you contact me on the day at 25% extra however, we cannot guarantee that the party will not be full as we always give priority to those who pay online and regular party goers

Q: What is the ratio?

A: It will vary from party to party. We restrict numbers in order to keep the part intimate however we normally have between 6 and 8 girls and 10 to 12 guys. We do not guarantee numbers or ratio’s but this has always been the level of attendees.

Q: How often do you hold the parties>

A: Every month normally, but it may vary dependent on the time of year. Please have a look at the calendar on the website.

Q: Are the girls top or bottom?

A: This is not a question for me. Everyone comes to the party as individuals and it is a conversation between two people as to what they do and don’t do.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No. However, please make sure that you are politely dressed when arriving at the party so that we can be discreet in the neighborhood. Undress to impress.

Q: Can I reserve a ticket?

A: I am afraid that we don’t have a booking system and to be fair to everyone we run the parties on a first come first served basis.

Q: Do you have to be a T-Girl?

A: No we are not judgmental. We are open minded and the party is for girls and admirers.

Q: How do I book tickets?

A: Well you can see the party dates that are available at the moment on the left or use the menu item Dates. Click on the party that you want to attend and then towards the bottom of the page you will see a link to book tickets NOW. Click there and follow the instructions. Remember don’t leave it till the last moment because it will cost you more.